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  • Delivery and payment

    In Ukraine, orders are sent only by New Mail.Payment can be made:● 100% online payment on the site● At the bank● Cash on delivery - payment for goods by mail**Please note! Delivery by cash delivery includes a fee for the transfer of funds to the post office.

  • International delivery

    International shipping is carried out by order of Ukr. mail.
    Shipping cost is 600 UAH per parcel weight up to 2 kg, every subsequent 2 kg + 500 UAH.
    Payment for delivery is made immediately when paying the order.
    No cash on delivery!
    Delivery time depends on the country and mail operation, on average 2 weeks.
    Exchange or Return is possible within 14 days after receipt - at the customer’s expense

  • Exchange and return

    Exchange and return are possible within 14 days from the moment of purchase of the goodsExchange can be on different colors, sizes and another itemDelivery of the exchange/return is at the expense of the buyerShipment of goods for exchange/verification of funds is carried out within 5 working days after receipt of the parcel and inspection of goods
    Please note that exchange/verification is possible only if the primary presentation of the item and the packaging are preserved; branded labels and labels are present. The goods must not be washed, without traces of a sock, foreign odor, perfumery, no stains, wool, hair, etc. not changeable!
    We ask you to pay attention to people who are working on making clothes and send the goods in the same form as it was sent to you

Сare recommendations for clothing

  • Cotton

    ● Washing at a temperature of up to 30°● It is allowed to dry only in a straightened form● You can't wash it together with synthetic, otherwise, the fabric may collapse● Do not use bleach for washing colored cotton clothes● Delicate cotton clothes are better to wash by hand

  • Silk

    ● Wash the cloth only with your hands at 30°● Rubbing and twisting silk fabric is unacceptable● Rinse silk products for the first time in warm water, the second time - in cold● Dry the silk on a horizontal surface and in a vertical position● Iron silk from the outside, at low temperature

  • Wool

    ● Hand wash● Washing is also possible in the washing machine, at a temperature of not more than 30° in the "Wool" mode● You cannot unscrew the product. You can remove moisture by wrapping the product in terry cloth● It is forbidden to dry wool products on batteries● Coat made of wool - only dry cleaning!

  • Cashmere

    ● If the fabric is wrinkled, there are bends, it is necessary to hang it on the shoulders. After a few days, the curl will disappear, and the fabric itself is smoothed● Wash cashmere in cold or slightly warm water with your hands only● Coarse pressing is prohibited● Drying in horizontal or vertical position● Iron cashmere can be steamed without touching the iron to fabric● If you have any shortcuts, remove them with a special machine or manually

  • Linen

    ● Washable at low temperature, hand wash● Immediately after drying the product must be removed and ironed● Ironing linen is necessary through a damp cloth or with a sprinkler● Iron temperature can be high● Colored linen fabrics must be washed with powder without bleach● Linen products often sit down after washing, they can not be dried in special devices

  • Viscose

    ● Delicate laundry at 30°● Squeeze on weak revolutions, if manually - slightly squeeze, but do not twist the product● Dry viscose in horizontal position● Ironing is necessary the "Silk" mode, while it is not possible to spray water or use a steamer● Mild detergents should be used when washing

  • Polyester

    ● Washing in the washing machine, not more than 40°● If the washing temperature is too high, creases may appear on the product.● The detergent should be chlorine-free● The polyester does not need ironing. Especially if the polyester is 100%● However, if you want to pet such a product, do it through a damp gauze

  • Acrylic (knitted items)

    ● Washable in the washing machine in delicate mode, but without drying mode● Hand washing at a temperature of 30-35°● Manually wash acrylic only if there are decorations and fragile parts● Products of acrylic are not intensively twisted, it is better to press better to carry out because of wrapping in the fabric.● It is best to wash acrylic things in special bags for washing if washed in a washing machine● Products made of acrylic are strictly forbidden to iron, otherwise, the fabric immediately loses its original appearance● Dry things from acrylic should be straightened in a vertical position

  • Fleece

    ● Fleece can be washed by hand and in the washing machine● Before you send the fleece product to the washing machine, turn it inside out, fasten all zippers● Choose a liquid laundry detergent● If you wash fleece manually, first dissolve the powder in water, and then put the product there● Good for fleece washing conventional laundry soap● If you wash fleece by hand, do not brutally squeeze the fabric● Just squeeze the water slightly with your hands and hang the product on your shoulders● Iron fleece is not necessary, it almost does not wrinkle

  • Staple

    ● Wash fabric is necessary in cold water● You should not twist the product too much not to deform it● Dry away from the sun in a ventilated room● Iron the product can be from the outside. Otherwise, the fabric will remain shiny stripes● Store staple products in a dry place in paper bags or bags for clothing made of natural fabrics

  • Eco-leather

    ● You can’t brush eco-leather with a brush● Need to remove the contamination with a soft damp cloth● In the absence of a special delicate product, you can use soap solution● After each treatment, the fabric should be wiped dry. Otherwise, the moisture will go into the micropore and will destroy the fabric.● If possible - better dry cleaning

  • Batiste

    ● Washing at low temperatures (up to 30°C) in manual or delicate mode. It is advisable to use a special mesh for washing● Use soft special detergents for washing delicate fabrics● The release is undesirable, extra water is better to let the drain, and gentle movements with a terry towel to get the product wet● Avoid direct sunlight when drying● Ironing is allowed in «Silk» mode